Neguac, a fishing community with a blend of three cultural heritages, invites you to discover its golden beaches and Acadian hospitality! Spend an afternoon on the waves! Take the path to Île- aux-foins. At the Île-aux-foins lighthouse you’ll find a picnic spot and playground. Swim in a protected cove with some of the warmest salt waters north of Virginia! Observe birds from atop a tower overlooking Miramichi Bay.

Choose among well-known local restaurants! A stroll on the municipality’s fishing wharf and a chat with a fisher are a good way to end the day. You’ll definitely hear legends of the sea and the story of the Savoie Family Capital… our first settlers and the ancestors of a family that now spans the continent!

In the fall, hike the trails that will allow you to discover the richest seasonal colours. During the tourist season, you can get more information at the Visitor Information Centre at 708 rue Principale.


The Tabusintac Golf Club, located on the magnificent Tabusintac River, offers golfers an unforgettable challenge. The 9-hole, par-36 course has 6 water hazards, and many other obstacles are strategically located along its length. Although many of the 9 holes are situated in exceptionally beautiful locations, the ninth hole has the most extraordinary view of the river. A round of golf at the Tabusintac Golf Club begins and ends with a par 5. The seventh hole (par 3) is recognized as being the most difficult, with a stream and a pond surrounding the green.

2130 Gaythornre Rd
Tabusintac, NB E9H 1Z5
506 779-4653


This nature park on Île-aux-Foins is both an eco-tourism site and a place for outdoor family activities. The park includes a network of walking trails and interpretive panels with information on the surrounding flora and fauna, lovely beaches of golden sand for sunbathers and finally, physical facilities such as a birdwatching tower. Around the lighthouse itself, painted in the colours of the Acadian flag, you will find a picnic site, a children’s playground, barbecues, toilets and change rooms and parking. 

Joseph Street
506 776-3950


To meet the needs of the users of the waterways, mainly fishers and pleasure boaters, one wharf has been developed at the end rue de l’Église. The wharf is managed by local port authority and provide services to over 40 commercial fishers. Infrastructures are also in place for pleasure boaters. The services provided include water, electricity, boat ramps and parking at the rue de l’Église.

Neguac Wharf
Rue de l’église
506 776-5497


In 1988, Neguac was declared the “Savoie Family Capital of New Brunswick”. The first Savoies arrived in the area around 1757. Jean Savoie and his wife Anne Landry settled their family here. They were the first family in Neguac, having been forced to flee from Miramichi in the winter of 1756-1757. Most Savoies in New Brunswick are descendants of the first Savoies in Neguac.

The monument is located across from Church Street.
506 776-3950


The park is located in the heart of downtown and includes picnic and recreational areas, a gazebo that can transform into an outdoor stage and toilet facilities. The Savoie Family Monument honouring our first settlers and ancestors dominates the entrance to the park.

The park is located across from Church Street.
506 776-3950