Parks and recreations

The municipality of Neguac offers a wide range of activities for all tastes. The Association des Loisirs St-Bernard Inc. organizes a number of activities during the year. (See Annual Events.) The Association des Loisirs St-Bernard Inc. manages recreational facilities on the grounds of the C.S.C. La fontaine. A partnership has existed for several years between Association des Loisirs St-Bernard Inc. and Francophone North-East School District. This partnership allows us to organize sporting and recreational activities all year long. (Tae Kwon Do, baton, aerobics, etc.).

The municipality of Neguac also manages two parks, the Richelieu Municipal Park and the Île-aux-Foins Park. For more details about the parks, visit the Attractions page. 


Sports facilities for an active community

The role of the Association des Loisirs Saint-Bernard Inc. is to encourage the organization and development of recreational activities within the limits of the municipality of Neguac and to coordinate sports facilities.

Sports Facilities in Neguac

There are no user fees for sports facilities except for the arena, which is managed by a Corporation. However, If you’re planning a tournament or other event, please contact Melissa Near, the Community Development officer 776-3950.

Baseball fields

There are two baseball fields

The first is behind the building at 1279 Main Street and is mainly used for T-Ball and five-pitch

The second, behind the C.S. C La fontaine school at 700 Main Street, is mostly used by mosquito-level teams and for softball tournaments.

Volleyball courts

The two outdoor sand volleyball courts, located in front of C.S.C. La fontaine school.

Soccer field

The new regulation-size soccer field is inside the track oval, beside C.S.C La fontaine school. It is mostly used by the Neguac Minor Soccer Association.

Tennis courts / Pickelball

The two outdoor tennis/pickelball courts on the grounds of C.S.C La fontaine school.

Synthetic athletics track

Inaugurated in 2014, the synthetic athletics track is a new gem for the community. It is used not only by the students of the school, but also by all the citizens of the Alnwick area. The track will also be used for major competitions.


Three children’s playgrounds.

The first is located at 1279 Main Street is a small playground with a slide, swings and playhouse.

The second is at the back of the C.S.C. La fontaine school (700 Main Street). This playground is appreciated by the students of the school and by the young people of the community.

The third is located on the seaside at the Ile-aux-foins Park.

Skating Trail

During the winter months, the Richelieu municipal park is transformed into a magnificent skating trail. The skating trail loops around the park. Strings of bright lights illuminate the park at night. The skating trail is used by the members of our community and surrounding area. Students from CSC La fontaine, whose location is just steps away from the park, take advantage of the skating trail as part of their physical education classes. Take advantage of this location for outdoor physical activity.

Arena Sportplex

Opened on November 29, 1991, the Neguac Sportplex Arena is used to serve the parish of Alnwick. The Sportplex, run by the Sportplex Corporation and its board members, oversees the programming of the activities and the smooth running of the arena. The sports played in this establishment are mainly ice hockey, figure skating and broomball. Also for those who like to stretch their legs, the arena offers hours of free skating. During the summer, the Sportplex is used for ball hockey and socio-cultural events. For more information, contact Norbert Ross, Manager, at 776-1820.


Centre of Acadian culture beside Native and Anglophone communities

Although it is located between the Esgenoôpetitj (Burnt Church) First Nation and the Anglophone community of Tabusintac, Neguac is an important center of Acadian and French culture. The 396-seat Théâtre Richard-Denys is an ultramodern multifunctional venue able to host not only local cultural productions but also performances from outside professional companies. It’s a comfortable setting for plays and concerts.

In 1988, Neguac was proclaimed the “Savoie Family Capital” to recognize one of its founding families. In commemoration of the event, the municipality inaugurated the Savoie Family Monument.

The Otho Robichaud historic site at 17 Otho Street was designated by the province of New Brunswick in 1994. On October 9, 2001, the Minister responsible for Culture and Sport Secretariat designated the site.

Société Culturelle Nigawouek Inc.

President: Micheline Savoie


A number of organizations serving the community

Administration portuaire quai Neguac

100, rue de l’Église
Neguac, N.-B.   E9G 1B8
Jean-Guy Robichaud, président
506 776-5497

Association des loisirs St-Bernard Inc.

1175, rue Principale, Suite 5
Neguac, N.-B.   E9G 1T1
Melissa Near, secrétaire
506 776-3950
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Savoie Family Association of America

109, rue Principale
Neguac, N.-B.   E9G 1R2
Corinne Breau, secrétaire
506 776-5108

Minor Baseball Association

22, rue Savoie
Neguac, N.-B.   E9G 1W7
Andréa Savoie, présidente
506 776-4002

Minor Hockey Association

12, rue Sullivan
Neguac, N.-B.   E9G 1Y6
Mona Aubry, présidente
506 776-8417 ou 506 779-6877

Neguac Minor Soccer Association

1175, rue Principale suite 5
Neguac, N.-B. E9G 1T1
Anabel Chiasson, présidente

Association Histoire de chez-nous

339, route LaVallée
Memramcook, N.-B.   E4K 3C5
Kenneth Breau, président
506 758-9694
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Association for Community Living

978 Route 445
Fairisle, N.-B.   E9G 2X7
Euclide Savoie, président
506 776-3670

Air Cadets

C.P. 1011
Neguac, N.-B.   E9G 1Z5
Capitaine Eric LeClair, Officier commandant
506 779-6738

Alnwick Activity Centre

732 rue Principale
Neguac, N.-B.   E9G 1N4
Sylvette Rousselle, responsable
506 776-3889

Unique Family Center (thrift shop)

1279 rue Principale
Neguac, N.-B.   E9G 1T4
Valérie Duguay, gestionnaire
506 779-1900

Centre Scolaire Communautaire La fontaine School

700, rue Principale
Neguac, N.-B.   E9G 1N4
Herménégilde Patrice, directeur
506 776-3808

Greater Neguac Chamber of Commerce

1175, rue Principale Suite 1
Neguac , N.-B.   E9G 1T1
Pierre Godin, présidente
Mélanie Comeau, secrétaire

Chorale St-Bernard de Neguac

1375, rue Principale
Neguac, N.-B.   E9G 1T5
Fernande Martin, coordonnatrice, chef d’orchestre
506 776-4948

Club autoneige de Neguac

Club d'âge d'or

135, rue Fair Isle
Neguac, N.-B.   E9G 1G1
Carmel Robichaud, présidente
506 776-8149

Badminton Club

1175, rue Principale Suite 5
Neguac, N.-B. E9G 1T1
Renaud Breau, responsable
506 776-5680

Club Richelieu de Neguac

C.P. 1001

Neguac, NB, E9G 1Z5

Guy Vautour, tresory

506 776-5931

Allain Family Committee

408, rue Principale
Neguac, N.-B.   E9G 1M9
Nicole Allain, secrétaire
506 776-8082

Alnwick Special Olympics Committee

26, Cains Point
Tabusintac, N.-B.   E9G 1B6
Sylvia Harding, Coordonatrice locale
506 779-8144

Board of Management, Parish of St-Bernard

738, rue Principale, Neguac
Neguac, N.-B.   E9G 3A5
Jean-Guy Robichaud, secrétaire
506 776-5497

Royal Canadian Legion Neguac

916, rue Principale
Neguac, N.-B.   E9G 1N7
Robert Comeau, président
506 776-8049
506 776-8406 Légion

Mouvement des femmes chrétiennes

969 Route 445 
Fairisle, N.-B.   E9G 2X1
Diana St-Coeur, secrétaire
506 779-4743

Neguac Volunteer Fire Department

1175, rue Principale, Suite 109
Neguac, N.-B.   E9G 1T1

Pierre Godin, fire chief
506 627-6539

Bernard Comeau, deputy chef
506 776-3964 (office) or 506-480-0225

Rendez-vous Neguac Inc.

1175, rue Principale, Suite 5
Neguac, N.-B.   E9G 1T1
Gérard Godin, président
506 395-8525

Richelieu féminin

Geneviève Savoie, vice-présidente
506 251-7929

Société culturelle Nigawouek

C.P. 1016, Neguac
Neguac, N.-B.   E9G 1Z5
Micheline Savoie, présidente


22, rue Sportplex, Unité 1
Neguac, N.-B.   E9G 1X4
Norbert Ross, Gérant
506 776-1820
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UNI Financial Cooperation

617, rue Principale
Neguac, N.-B.   E9G 1S1
Nadia Comeau
506 776-8313

V.T.T. Alnwick

54 rue Amand
Neguac, N.-B.   E9G 1A6
Eymard Savoie, président
 506 776-5398 maison 506 779-7312cell