The municipality wants to highlight an important problem that concerns wet wipes. These disposable wipes – used for babies when changing diapers, personal hygiene, cleaning, disinfection, etc. – cause major problems when thrown down the toilet. Because they don’t disintegrate like toilet paper, these wipes clog the sanitary sewer system. They cling to pipes, catch passing debris and grease and create “balls” that grow to plug pipes or pumps. In other cases, these wipes form tear-resistant ropes that jam the pumps of sewer stations and break the equipment by blocking them. These blockages cause significant costs that affect your sewer bill because pumps have to be cleaned manually and replacement parts have to be purchased.

Note that this problem is present for all sewage systems around the world. In fact, Canada’s wastewater utilities claim that wet wipes create sewer plugs that cost Canadian taxpayers at least $250 million a year!

Even if many wet wipes are labeled “flushable” do not throw them down the toilet, throw them in the trash.

In conclusion, use wet wipes as you please, but please throw them in the trash to limit damage to Neguac sewer system and everywhere else… Thank you for helping us.